Business solutions with WordPress.

Business solutions with WordPress.

Why should I use WordPress when I have a website from another SaaS platform? Why is everyone talking about WordPress? Should I use WordPress to build my business website? 

We all know that WordPress can help you build any website. Almost 36% of the websites on the internet are currently made via WordPress. It is easy to use, the best software-as-a-service platform for beginners looking to build an e-commerce website, and free as in freedom. 

WordPress is not just for blogging, one of the most common misconceptions about it. But any company, brand, or business, building a website on a budget can opt for WordPress because it is free. As a business owner, either you are not finding the suitable theme that goes with your brand, or you don’t have the money or time to make it in the first place. 

Why should you choose WordPress? 

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose WordPress. It’s compatible with mobile and desktop, easy for beginners, and the best solution for perennial problems. Despite these, the following are some more reasons to opt for WordPress rather than other platforms, 

  • It’s free to use and always will be.

That’s the best thing about WordPress. It’s free as in freedom. You don’t have to pay a single cent to go live if you build a website other than the domain and hosting plans available at considerable rates. The themes are free, the modification doesn’t need extra payments, and more services than other domains. 

  • Suitable for both your blog and your website.

Who said it’s compatible with a blogging website only? Many people haven’t opted for it because of the deliverable and the cost. A website is made via WordPress as the platform comes with a vast number of options. Some of them include blogging and an e-commerce store on the same website. 

  • Thousands of professionally designed themes. 

There are a lot of themes that are available as soon as you build a website. You can change them later or even design your own. If you don’t find a suitable theme for your website and cannot make one, too, there are some paid themes available. The costs are affordable, so basically, you are paying less and getting more. 

  • WordPress plug-ins add complex business features.

One of the most profound reasons why WordPress is the best SaaS solution is the complex business features. Even though the platform is free and easy, it still comes with plug-ins that add complex business features. It helps in enhancing the user experience and brings to the all-in-one experience. 

How does it help through business solutions?

WordPress is a one-stop solution to all your perennial website problems. It comes with many features for which you might have to pay extra if you choose another platform for making the website.

Some of them include,

  • Book Appointments on Your Website.

You can call it flexibility that in WordPress, you can add several pages to your website. One of them includes booking appointments. It is an automated response and links to the directory where you can book the appointments directly. This amenity will help you manage your schedule, and the automated response will ease things down for you.

  • Manage Employee Schedules.

WordPress offers an employee scheduling plug-in that helps you stay organized without manually typing all the schedules. You can view any overlapping or time-offs that will help you escape the scheduling conflicts. It’s a lightweight and easy-to-use WordPress plug-in that is compatible with all devices. 

  • Create Events and Sell Tickets.

The Events Calendar is another plug-in available in the WordPress range of plug-ins. You can customize, play around with the themes, and allow RSVP reservations for the events. This way, you can keep an eye out for the RSVPs, internalize and translate the content, and automatic ticket confirmation. 

You can collect fees through PayPal. This plug-in offers a lot of themes and designs that are compatible with all devices. You can also set ticket stock countdown.

  • Stay In Contact with Your Customers.

There is a live chat plug-in available for websites made via WordPress. You will be able to contact the customers instantly and constantly. It will help you develop a profitable relationship with the visitors, ensuring an increase in sales. 

The plug-in also provides a built-in ticketing system that ensures a 24/7 response for the customers. It doesn’t require any modification, works with all types of WordPress builders and themes. You can solve your customer’s queries at any time and communicate conveniently with them.

  • E-commerce Solutions.

If you are an opportunist who is ready to settle down for more at a small price, WordPress is your solution. No matter which type of e-commerce website you are looking to build, you will be able to make a website instantly. You can set up payment solutions by adding an extension, designing and customizing your store as per your niche, and integrating third-party apps like email marketing software, SMS marketing, etc. 

If you are going for the long run, go for a support button to answer all your customer’s queries. Nevertheless, it’s a solution to your perennial website problems. 

Which one is better, or 

Anyone who is tech-savvy and wants to manage the hosting and go around the complex features can opt for But if you are not, is the solution. It provided self-hosting and managed to focus on building the website. WordPress will handle the tech.

A Final Verdict.

I hope this article answers all your questions. WordPress is the business solution for new and old businesses. They can change the platform and bring their entire website on WordPress, avoid all the technical stuff and manage everything from the click of a button.